We act as bridgers between the old and new, right and left, yin and yang. We are a mezze of talent and curiosity. We are human. 


Our Mission

We're cataloguing wisdom practices from ancient and modern times to develop an inventory of different "seeker technologies" that can be used to provide new pathways for wisdom. It's a bit of an experimental mash-up. If you have any wisdom practices we should consider let us know.



Alexa Clay | @alexaclay

+ How do we refresh ancient wisdom practices and traditions for the modern age?

Lee-Sean Huang

+ Why does so much "knowledge work" separate the "brain" from the "body"? How do we elevate and integrate the role of kinesthetic knowledge in the information economy? 

Garance Choko | @GaranceChoko

+ How do we develop appreciation for informal and experiential knowledge?

David Colby Reed | @davidcolbyreed

Peter Sims | @petersims

Mariecarmen Sierra | @marsierra

+ How can we create modern rituals that honor the mystery of life and create deep bonding experiences across cultures and generations?


Ting Kelly | @tingkelly

+ How might we design extraordinary collective experiences to leverage human potential?