Aengus Anderson | @aengusanderson

+ How can we refine democracy to suit a society that is too complex for an informed electorate?

Alnoor Ladha | @alnoorladha

How do we unleash a transformation in collective consciousness around the structural failures of our current economic system and spark a tsunami of viable alternatives?

Anna Stothard | @annastothard

+ How can we heal our relationship with physical objects in a culture enthralled to disposable possessions and the digital world?

Antoine Sakho

+ How do we consume tech with the same conscientiousness that we apply to our own nutrition?

Ben Riddle | @benjamesriddle

+ What is the moral imagination and how is it shaped in an age of constant change?

Brett Scott | @suitpossum

Can we use technology to reconnect urban life to ecological reality?

Dhaval Chadha | @dhavalchadha

+ How might we accelerate the evolution of human consciousness at a global and enormous scale?

Brock LeMieux | @brocklemieux

+ How do we build infrastructure for transformative learning in the digital age? 

Dominik Wind

+ What can we learn from a generation that wasn't hijacked by consumerism about our inaction on climate change?

Eddie Harran | @eddieharran 

+ What does the enlightened planetary human being look like?

Garance Choko | @GaranceChoko

+ How do we develop appreciation for informal and experiential knowledge?

Grace Dunham

+ How do we disengage art objects from valuation in a market-based economy and, in turn, reconstitute their meaning and the nature of their exchange? 

Hosan Lee | @hosanlee 

+ Why do we have to build more empathetic societies?

IDIL ABSHIR | @idilabshir

+ How do we navigate the healing vacuum in post-conflict societies?

Jakey Toor | @jakeytoor

+ How can movement and technology support self-discovery in educational settings? 

Lee-Sean Huang

+ Why does so much "knowledge work" separate the "brain" from the "body"? How do we elevate and integrate the role of kinesthetic knowledge in the information economy? 

Mathias Vestergaard

+ What kind of parent do I want to be?

Magalie Pedrono | @magovsky

+ What inspiration can we draw from nature to structure the way we live?

Magalis and Santiago Martinez

+ What can we learn when we explore the inherent wisdom of children?

Nathan Schneider | @nathanairplane

+ How are people expressing their aspiration for new kinds of social contracts?

Rachel Sussman | @OLTW 

What would it look like and how can we practice and apply long term thinking to everything from the micro to the macro?

Sana Rafiq | @sanazulu

+ How do we allow different mental models to co-exist and collaborate without pushing for homogeneity?

Tom Kenning | @TKjourno

+ Why can't it be like this all the time? How do we translate festival spirit into everyday life?